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Helpful advice for people in Colorado Springs facing criminal charges for DUI, felonies, misdemeanors, domestic violence and other criminal crimes.

If you have been arrested during the holidays, hiring the right criminal defense attorney is the best first step you can take to be home Christmas morning.

Recently arrested for DUI in El Paso County? You know that Colorado law takes these charges seriously. Learn from our experience as former DUI prosecutors.

Colorado Prosecutors take stalking seriously. Learn how experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorneys can raise a defense against stalking charges.

Whoever said that persistence is the key to success never faced the label of a persistent drunk driver. Why should you avoid this on your Colorado record?

Hiring the right felony lawyer in Colorado Springs can make all the difference to your family, finances and future. 5 questions to ask for the best defense.

Have you been charged with a DUI in Colorado? Chances are you will end up with an interlock restricted license. What does that mean and how long will it last?

Have you been accused of shoplifting in Southern Colorado? You need an experienced shoplifting attorney on your side.  Learn what could happen if you don't.

When what happens in Vegas does not STAY in Vegas, you need to know how Colorado treats a DUI in another state and what it means for you.

If you are one of the many drivers who receive traffic tickets every day, read why should you meet with a Colorado Springs traffic lawyer and what to expect.

Have you been charged with a 2nd DUI in Colorado? You can expect harsher consequences. Learn what the penalties are and why you need a DUI defense attorney.

Have you received a traffic ticket in Colorado? Are you wondering, "Can I get points off my license?" Local Traffic Attorney James Newby has the answer.

Colorado takes DUI charges seriously, and so should you. Under what circumstances is your DUI a felony in Colorado? What penalties do you face if convicted?

 Facing Colorado domestic violence charges? You are facing real trouble. Read why your best chance for a positive outcome is an experienced defense attorney.

Facing DUI charges in Colorado? Prosecutors may offer a plea bargain to a lesser wet reckless charge. What does that mean? And who is eligible for this plea?

Don't let the name fool you, first-time misdemeanors are anything but minor. Find out why hiring a criminal defense attorney is your best bet for moving on.

Can you get a DUI off your record? The answer lies in the difference between an arrest and a conviction, and having an experienced attorney to guide your way.

Any good defense attorney knows that having a client impress the judge is the best foundation for an acquittal. Read our 5 best tips to impressing the court.

Charged with a first time DUI in Colorado Springs? Colorado courts and prosecutors take this offense seriously, and so should you. What penalties do you face?

If you are posting bail in Colorado Springs for the first time, you no doubt have a lot of questions.  Our criminal defense team provides the answers you need.

If you are charged with a DUI in Colorado Springs, you need answers, fast.  This month, we answer the top DUI lawyer questions we are asked every day.

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