Tips for Fighting Domestic Violence Charges in Colorado Springs

The criminal jury system is the final protection against people innocent of a crime being convicted - and that holds for domestic violence charges.
Thursday, 05 November 2015
Domestic Violence Charges Dropped Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

Accused of Domestic Violence

My client in Colorado Springs was accused of domestic violence against a woman with whom he had been intimate. The issue was that my client did not commit the crime. She had accused him of slapping her in the face numerous times. The victim cried, begged, and ultimately convinced law enforcement to prosecute the case. The defendant tried to explain that she was making up the allegations but to no avail.

At The Trial, The Truth Comes Out

It was during a jury trial that the truth came out. My client testified that the alleged victim was upset because he had left her to be with another woman. She was so angry that she keyed both my client’s car and his new girlfriend's car, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. My client went to gather his things from the alleged victim’s house, but because he brought his new girlfriend (who stayed in the car the whole time), the alleged victim went ballistic. At trial, it was also revealed that my client was the person who called 911. On the call, the alleged victim can be heard in the background causing a scene. My client called 911 asking for help because he just wanted his things back. He was very calm.

The Case Becomes Complicated

As the trial progressed, it was revealed that the alleged victim worked for the same law enforcement agency that responded to the call. The police refused to investigate the damage caused by the alleged victim and arrested my client for hitting the victim, although it became very clear it never happened. There was not a mark on her face despite supposedly being hit three times in the face just minutes prior.

Not Guilty Of Domestic Violence

It took the jury less than ten minutes to find my client not guilty. He was relieved and overjoyed. Finally, he had his day in court and the truth was revealed. The jury process is essentially a truth-seeking process. The truth came out! Not guilty. If you are accused of a crime, remember you have the right to a trial by a jury of your peers. If you need help with a trial, call James Newby Law at the number on our page. Whether it’s a DUI, DWAIAssault, harassment, felony, misdemeanor, or traffic, I can help. Call me now for a free consultation.

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