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Are you facing criminal charges? How do you find the best criminal & DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs? Keep reading to learn how vet a criminal defense attorney.

How Do You Find the Best Criminal Attorney in Colorado Springs?

Most local residents facing criminal charges want to find the best criminal attorney in Colorado Springs. This makes complete sense because of the high cost and harsh penalties that can come with a criminal conviction.  

We know that most local citizens facing criminal charges are good people that may have made a poor choice. They want the best criminal defense or DUI lawyer in Colorado Springs that has the experience and creativity to limit the consequences and help them get their life back on track.

But how do you find the best criminal or DUI attorney? There are three places to start your research:

Track Record (i.e. Case Results)

Of course, you want an attorney that has won many criminal and DUI cases.  But keep in mind that not all criminal and DUI cases need to get to court.  The best criminal defense lawyers in Colorado Springs do more than just win cases, they know how to get criminal and DUI cases dismissed or charges reduced. The best attorneys know how to challenge and eliminate evidence.  

Scroll down to view sample cases from our proven track record in Colorado Springs criminal courts.


Many people know that one way to find an experienced and top-rated criminal defense lawyer is by reputation. A great place to check the reputation of Colorado Springs criminal lawyers is by checking the reviews on Google.

James Newby Law is rated among the very highest of criminal law firms in Colorado Springs on Google.  Click to view our most recent Google reviews.

Recommended by Peers  

Finally, another way to check the credentials of a lawyer is to ask other lawyers in the Colorado Springs area for their recommendations. One way to check the peer reviews for a lawyer is on the website AVVO. Click to view the AVVO page for James Newby Law, once there you can scroll down to "Attorney Endorsements" to view the dozens of positive recommendations from other Colorado attorneys.

Proven Track Record in Colorado Springs Criminal Courts

The criminal attorneys at James Newby Law have a proven track record in the Colorado Springs city and county courts.  Below is a sampling of recent case results.  Note that results depend upon factors unique to each case and that results in one case do not predict similar results in other cases.

Multiple Charges Including DUI Reduced to Minor Charge and Small Fine

19T*****9 - The defendant in Colorado Springs was charged with DUI, failure to display proof of insurance, license plate not lighted, obstructed view-windshield, and turning without a signal. After reviewing the evidence and body-worn camera, our DUI attorneys we able to determine that the defendant was not impaired. Our DUI attorney was able to negotiate a plea to license plate not lighted with a $50 fine. All other criminal charges were dismissed, including the DUI charges.

Second DUI - Charges Reduced, No Jail, DUI Dismissed

19T***282 - Client charged with a second offense DUI and weaving. Refused all physical and chemical testing. Negotiated a DWAI with probation and twenty days in-home detention. DUI and weaving dismissed.  

DUI w/High BAC - No Jail, Plan to Dismiss & Seal

19T***429 - Client charged with DUI and weaving. Higher BAC. Negotiated a deferred sentence DUI. The client received no jail, no random testing, and unsupervised probation. If completes classes and community service all charges are dismissed and sealed. 

Multiple Charges & Prior Record - No County Jail

19CR****27 - Client charged with numerous cases and counts of burglary, trespassing, and theft. Prior prison record and a habitual criminal. Negotiated plea deal and the client received a COMCOR (alternative to jail with a rehabilitation focus). 

DUI w/Add'l Charges - Sentence Deferred, No Jail, Add'l Charges Dismissed

19T****97 - Client in Colorado Springs charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol and marijuana, speeding, no proof of insurance, and open alcohol container in her vehicle.  Our DUI attorneys negotiated a deferred sentence to DUI with no jail time. Dismissed all other criminal charges. 

DUI w/High BAC & Add'l Charges- Deferred Sentence, Add'l Charges Dismissed

19T****72 - Client in Colorado Springs charged with DUI of alcohol and no proof of insurance. High blood alcohol concentration (BAC) case. The DUI lawyers of James Newby Law successfully argued that there was insufficient evidence that the defendant was operating a motor vehicle. After extensive negotiation, DA finally agreed to a deferred sentence to DUI with all other criminal charges dismissed. 

Domestic Violence Charges - Jury Verdict: Not Guilty

Our client was accused of domestic violence against a Colorado Springs woman with whom he had been intimate. The charges were bogus but the woman cried, begged, and ultimately convinced law enforcement to prosecute the case. The criminal attorneys at James Newby Law took the case to trial and in less than ten minutes the jury found our client not guilty. Read more.

Marijuana DUI - Charges Removed

The client received a traffic ticket for marijuana DUI. However, our client was not under the influence of anything. She was stopped for speeding and the police officer smelled marijuana and found out she had a medical marijuana card. She cooperated and performed the roadside tests as instructed, thinking that the police would realize she was sober. However, she was arrested and administered a blood alcohol test. That blood draw would end up proving her innocence. When the result came back to her it showed that she was absolutely sober.  You might think that once the blood result was shown to the District Attorney’s Office that the case would be dismissed. No! She was offered to plead guilty to reckless driving with six to twelve months' worth of alcohol and drug classes and a large amount of community service. She politely refused and hired Colorado Springs criminal attorney James Newby. He went to work and the case was resolved with a reduced speeding charge with a small fine. Read more.

Charged Despite Not Being Impaired – Case Dismissed

While parked in Manitou Springs, our client was approached by a police officer who made false accusations of being impaired by marijuana. Our client gave no indication that he was impaired by marijuana even in the slightest degree. He did not stumble, slur his speech, or give any indication of impairment whatsoever.  Despite the clear evidence that he was not impaired, the Officer performed tests to see if he was intoxicated. After performing the tests, the officer declared that he had exhibited certain clues which made it clear he was impaired. The problem with the Officers assessment was that studies show that marijuana does not cause the indicators my client was supposedly exhibiting.  DUI lawyers at James Newby Law advised the client to plead not guilty and the attorneys were able to get the case was dismissed. The Deputy District Attorney agreed that the Officer went outside of the bounds of the law by requiring my client to complete field sobriety tests. Read more.

Arrested for DUI – Case Dismissed

My client and his friend were driving his truck off-road in a field.  A part of the truck broke rendering it impossible to move another inch. He walked home to his friend’s house where the two of them drank for several hours. Finally, the friend's brother came home and offered to give both of them a ride back to the scene to find out if they could tow his truck home.  While at the scene, the police arrived and arrested my client for DUI because he was sitting in the driver’s seat when they arrived. Although my client was intoxicated when the police arrived, he had not been intoxicated at the time he was driving the vehicle. We gathered extensive evidence and devised creative solutions that we took to court where we argued aggressively for our client. To the Colorado Springs Deputy District Attorney’s credit, when it became clear that my client was not guilty of DUI, the case was dismissed.  Read more.

Careless Driving - Case Dismissed

Our client was traveling home around dusk. The sun was low, about to sink below the mountains, yet still at eye level. As he drove West, the sun momentarily blinded him. Unfortunately, at that very moment, he approached a large flatbed trailer, which was parked improperly, jutting out significantly into the road. Due to the blinding sun, he crashed into the trailer with the corner of his vehicle.  As Colorado Springs law enforcement arrived on the scene, they took photos, interviewed witnesses, and ticketed my client for careless driving.  The client hired criminal defense attorney James Newby who believed that having the sun in your eyes and hitting an improperly parked trailer is not careless driving. If the owner of the trailer had properly parked, the accident wouldn’t have happened.  Armed with photographs and the evidence, Attorney Newby went to court and presented everything to the deputy district attorney. The district attorney dismissed the case in its entirety. With the criminal case dismissed, my client was free to pursue legal action against the owner of the flatbed trailer for parking in a manner that posed a danger to others. Read more.

DUI Charges - Reduced to Reckless Driving

The client was accused of DUI.  As a result of some choices when he was younger, the District Attorney was trying to punish him severely. After hiring James Newby, it became clear that the law enforcement officer and the district attorney’s office involved were both stretching to make the facts of my client’s case fit the charges. Gratefully, there was a video of the contact between my client and the officer. The officer was aggressive, violated my client’s rights, and ultimately overcharged my client. Our client passed the roadside tests and willingly agreed to take a chemical test of his blood to prove it wasn’t intoxicated. The blood test result was .054. This well below the level limit for a DUI and even close to being below the limit for a DWAI (driving while ability impaired).  Based on the extremely low test and the roadsides, we assumed that the DA would offer us a plea to a non-alcohol related driving offense. We were sadly mistaken. Instead, the offer was to plead guilty to DWAI, two years of probation, a large number of alcohol classes, and sixty days of jail. My client decided to reject the offer and go to trial on the merits of the case. We set the case for a jury trial and immediately got to work. Less than two weeks before trial, we went to Court to announce to the Judge that we were ready to proceed to trial. In one last effort to appeal to the higher sense of justice, I spoke to the DA extolling the weaknesses in his case. Finally, the light broke through and he offered a careless driving with a small fine and twelve alcohol education classes. We gladly accepted and my client went away very pleased with the outcome. Read more.