How to Choose a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Colorado Springs for Your Case

When charged with domestic violence in Colorado Springs you need an experienced, creative domestic violence lawyer. Learn how to choose the best one for you.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with domestic violence in Colorado Springs, you have an important choice to make. It’s a choice that can have a profound impact on whether you will be able to move forward with your life or will face a future that includes years behind bars, a lifelong stain on your reputation, and relationships left in ruins. 

Picking the Best Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a serious criminal offense with consequences to match. But it is also unique in terms of how quickly law enforcement and the justice system can move to put you behind bars and strip you of your rights, including the right to see your children, based on allegations alone

When police respond to a call alleging domestic violence and they have probable cause to believe an act of domestic violence has occurred, the officer must arrest the alleged abuser - no warning; no ticket; no chance to “cool off.” You will be taken to jail immediately. 

Worse, you will not be released from jail until a judge has set a bail bond and issued a "no contact order,” also known as a "restraining order" which can prohibit contact between you and the alleged victim and/or your children, among other possible limitations placed on your rights. You may even be barred from returning to your home. And these are just the consequences of an arrest; if you’re convicted, your life may never be the same.

For all of these reasons, picking an experienced, skilled, and aggressive domestic violence attorney is of the utmost importance. But so too is picking the right lawyer quickly so he or she can begin protecting your rights, secure your release from jail, and start preparing your defense.

The same general tips for finding the best criminal defense lawyer apply to find the best domestic violence lawyer as well, but if you’ve been arrested in Colorado Springs for domestic violence, you also need to look for qualities that are of particular importance in these serious and complex prosecutions. In particular, look for a lawyer who is:

  • Available and accessible. As noted, your future is threatened from the minute police show up in response to a domestic violence call, no matter if that minute is at 3:00 in the afternoon or 3:00 in the morning. After an arrest, you’ll be scared, confused, and want to know what to do next. Make sure you find a lawyer who will be there for you when you need them. 

  • Understanding and believes in you. False allegations of domestic violence are common. Once they are out there, friends, family, colleagues, and community may start doubting your character and your innocence. You need a lawyer who will listen to you, understand your side of the story, and believe in you. You want a defense attorney who gets that your life is on the line and knows how difficult this ordeal is for you.

  • Experienced and successful in handling domestic violence cases. The evidence, issues, and strategies involved in defending against domestic violence charges can be complex. This means that there is no substitute for experience in such cases. Find a lawyer who has a lengthy track record of success handling domestic violence matters, as well as one who knows how to challenge restrictive orders of protection which can permanently scar your relationship with your children.

Ask questions. Ask for referrals. Ask about results. Do your research and meet with potential attorneys. Find the Colorado Springs domestic violence defense lawyer who has the qualities you need and who you can trust to do everything in their power to protect you and your future.


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