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If your child is facing criminal charges in Colorado Springs, it is important you speak with experienced juvenile law attorney James Newby.

Youthful Mistakes Can Lead to Very Adult Consequences

Kids make mistakes; it is part of growing up. But when those mistakes involve juvenile crimes, the consequences can be much more severe than being grounded and can have a significant and long-term impact on a child’s future. If it’s your child in the crosshairs of Colorado’s juvenile justice system, you need to make some crucial decisions – and fast - to protect them. 

Whether your child’s legal troubles are a result of a lapse in judgment, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or a serious misunderstanding, an adverse result in a juvenile case can result in hefty fines, harsh penalties, and even time in a juvenile detention facility. For some felony charges in Colorado Springs, prosecutors may seek to have the child tried as an adult, with the possibility of even more severe penalties and sentences upon conviction. And regardless of which court will hear your child’s case, a conviction can result in your child having a criminal record that will be a burden on them for years to come.

Your Child’s Future Needs to Be Protected by a Lawyer Who Understands Juvenile Justice

As a Colorado Springs juvenile crimes defense attorney, I work with families who find themselves at such a critical crossroads in their child’s life. These families need guidance, compassion, and an attorney with a full understanding of the special rules, procedures, and considerations involved in juvenile cases. 

As a former prosecutor here in Colorado Springs, I know how scary it can be to see your child’s future hang in the balance. But I also know how important it is to have a juvenile crimes defense lawyer who has the experience and skill to communicate with judges, prosecutors, and others in a way that can keep the focus on preserving your child’s future, not punishing them. Placement in a rehabilitation program, mandatory school attendance, court-imposed curfews, or payment of restitution to victims – these are all preferable to seeing your child being removed from your home and incarcerated. I fight tirelessly to obtain the best possible result for every child I represent.

My Commitment to You and Your Child

While every child and every case is unique, my commitment and goals are always the same in juvenile crimes cases:

  • Learn all relevant facts about the child, the family, the incident, and the allegations;
  • Work with parents and guardians as well as the child to answer their questions, ease their fears, and provide a strategy for addressing the charges;
  • Keep the case in the juvenile justice system and eliminate the risk that the child could be tried as an adult;
  • Vigorously fight the charges, move to get them dismissed, or negotiate with prosecutors to minimize the consequences and obtain a result that focuses on rehabilitation, not incarceration; 
  • At the conclusion of the matter, leave the family relieved and unburdened, so the child can stay on track for the bright future that awaits them.

You wouldn’t give up on your child; you need a Colorado juvenile crimes defense lawyer who won’t either.

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