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I chose James Newby Law for a D.W.A.I. I was charged with and I'm glad I did. He did everything possible to get me the best plea deal. He was calm, confident, and honest. When I was nervous or stressed, he made me feel less. When in the front office the ladies are always super nice, polite, and make you feel welcome. Next time somebody asks if I know a great attorney it would most definitely be Mr. James Newby. Thanks- Mr. Newby

Sean Houchin

I have been working closely with James Newby for over a year now, and I have nothing but great things to say about him and the integrity of his business. He is one of the most honest and hard-working individuals who is family-oriented and caring. Not only is he an amazing person, but he is well-versed law. He frequently wins cases, and his clients are always leaving extremely satisfied their outcomes. I refer business to him frequently! James is the best.

Latisha Hardy

I couldn't have been more unsettled when my court proceedings began. Thankfully my fiancee had the wherewithal to find an attorney and scheduled a consultation with James. When I first met with him, I was immediately relieved by his assurances and experience to back said statements. Throughout the process he was very prompt to answer any questions I had, never left me in the dark, and worked hard to ensure everything went as smooth as possible. Now, having finished with the court proceedings, I find my trust was not misplaced. I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome.

Jonah Wass

Mr. Newby is a brilliant and committed attorney. If you ever encounter a criminal or divorce situation, God forbid, he's the lawyer you should call. I recommend him without hesitation.

Brad Laybourne

James is a hard worker who I trust immensely. I have recommended James to my friends and family and I do trust him to get the job done and get it done right! James is an amazing attorney that has helped my family on numerous occasions. He is dedicated to every case he takes on and has saved our family heartache and money on many occasions! I heartily recommend James Newby!

Ryan Hocking

I recently received my first DUI in 05/2014. After receiving the level of my BAC, I was skeptical as to whether hiring an attorney would even be able to benefit me. I could not be happier with the decision to hire Mr. Newby. After reading prior reviews, I felt Mr. Newby would be a good fit. James was open and honest with me from the very beginning. He informed that because of my level, the case would be tough regardless. It was clear he truly cared about my well being as he expressed sincere concern for my situation. Through his encouragement, as well as my families, I sought inpatient treatment that James felt would not only help the case, but me personally for my problems. He was completely supportive throughout the entire process and showed genuine empathy and concern for my situation. After going to court, James was able to not only waive all jail time for me, but also waived required therapy through the court system as well as lower probation to unsupervised, saving me extensive amounts of money. He also was able to suspend a $600 traffic fine as long as I am compliant here on out. I ended up walking away with only community service, unsupervised one year probation, and one 2 hour MADD class. He spoke in my interests and truly cares. What I was most impressed about with Mr. Newby is that he truly, genuinely cares for his client's best interests. He goes above and beyond and even met with me outside of his normal hours due to conflicting schedules with my work. I could not have asked for a better attorney and would and will recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney. James Newby goes above and beyond for his clients. HIGHLY recommend.

Lindsey Scott

I recently and abruptly found myself involved with the criminal justice system and charged with a DUI. My only other experience in this arena was a divorce many years ago and that left me with a less than favorable view of attorneys and the legal system as a whole. James Newby has changed my whole outlook. From the first time I spoke with him over the phone I felt completely at ease with him. Even though my employer had a discount program for legal services, I decided to retain Mr. Newby, and I am sure glad that I did. Not only did Mr. Newby get me a reduced and deferred sentence from the court, he also won my DMV case. Winning a DMV hearing is a task that from my research is extremely difficult to accomplish. I would highly recommend Mr. Newby for any legal services you might require.

John Couture

James Newbie is by far one of the best lawyers I have ever used. He always made sure I always knew what was happening with my case and made sure I got the best deal possible. I would refer James Newbie to anybody looking to get a friendly and caring professional lawyer to represent them .

Justin Landino

James Newby is an amazing Lawyer, I live out of state and had a warrant regarding a traffic ticket for over 3 years and didn't know it and I couldn't go back to Colorado to make an appearance to clear it up, I started searching to hire a traffic lawyer that was affordable to help me, I knew the fine had been paid, but I also knew I had other issues like community service to do. I called his office and they were prompt and professional, but most importantly i felt like i could trust him and he was sincere with trying to help me not just after money. James, took on my case and represented me, he informed there had been a stipulation that I was on probation, which i had no clue, and he would try to work it out. I dont know what he did or said to the courts but they ended up dropping the case and i couldn't be more thankful, see im a recently divorced single mother who works full time and goes to school full time, I couldn't figure out how to fit community service in my schedule and dealing with the stress of having a warrant was something that terrified me. Not only did James Newby fix my problems he did it quickly. There are very few lawyers today with good hearts and a real passion for their jobs, James is one of those few. It is lawyers like him that make me believe the world can be a better place one day. Oh, and by the way did i mention he is affordable! So all my recommendations will always be for him i have friends and Colorado Springs and I have already given them his info. Thanks James Newby! :)

Dianna McClary

I want to give my full recommendation for James Newby Law. I have personally witnessed James win cases that were seemingly hopeless. As a former DA, James has an advantage that other defense attorneys don't, and provides a level of service to his clients that is unparalleled. When you need a professional defense attorney, call James. You won't be disappointed.

Craig Smith

Mr. Newby is a wonderful, caring lawyer. He helped a few of my family members with legal issues and informed us of the steps along the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal help. He is very honest and will not let you down.

Bonnie Schrader

Amazing lawyer! It was my first DUI and I was scared beyond belief. James sat and listened to everything I had to say about what went on the night of my incident. There was never any doubt in my mind that James was going to handle this case with a professional attitude and in the end get me the best bargain with the judge. I have recommended 2 of my friends to him and will keep recommending him any chance I get. BEST CRIMINAL LAWYER IN COLORADO SPRINGS!

Jessica Johnson

James Newby is an intelligent, reliable DUI attorney, who genuinely cares about his clients, and works hard to get the results they deserve.

Jake Kimball

He does everything clear and fine. You can trust him. He was my first ever lawyer and I was never disappointed. Very satisfied

Gisub Kim

James Newby is not only a talented lawyer, he is a caring and compassionate person. He's customer focussed, and will do whatever you need in order to help you get on with your life and minimize long term consequences. I would recommend James to anybody and everybody in town with legal needs.

Reed S

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